Stopping Z instances

If possible, always shut down z/OS® cleanly. Typically, shutting down cleanly begins by starting a procedure that shuts down all active subsystems.

Any z/OS ADCD for ZD&T Personal Edition contains sample startup and shutdown scripts for the systems that are available and active in that distribution.

You need to remember the IPL loadparm that is used to start ZD&T Personal Edition. To shut down ZD&T Personal Edition, use the respective shutdown command. All shutdown scripts are in the ADCD.Z24D.PARMLIB(SHUT**).

To shut down Z instances, complete the following steps:
  1. Enter S SHUTXX in the master console.

    XX is the last two characters of shutdown script that is generally equivalent to loadparms. To reply to any pending message, enter this command from the master console. If you do not have a master console, enter /S SHUTXX in SDSF, or enter oprmsg "S SHUTXX" in the Linux® machine. For the list of loadarm, see the loadparms section that is documented in the Loadparms options.

  2. During the shutdown process, you might need to respond to z/OS console messages, for example, when IMS™, TSO, or z/OS UNIX® are stopped. To check which programs are still running, enter D J,L. Ensure that VTAM®® and all subsystems are ended.
  3. Enter $P JES2 in the master console to close JES2.
  4. Enter QUIESCE in the master console.
  5. Enter awsstop by using the non-root user ID (ibmsys1) to completely shut down ZD&T Personal Edition.
Note: Do not make any change in the ADCD.Z24D.* library. If you want to edit any parm or proc, ADCD has USER.Z24D.* as a high-level concatenated library. You can create your own proc or parm in the library.