Enabling a license key

ZD&T Personal Edition requires a USB hardware device that contains a license key that controls the licensee's access to all or portions of the program.

The USB hardware device is ordered through Passport Advantage® in a media pack that is separate from the electronic media that contains the offering software. You must activate the USB hardware device with a license key file before you can use ZD&T Personal Edition or any of its components. To do this, obtain the license key file from the IBM License Key Center, and apply it to the USB hardware device to activate it. This grants you access to use ZD&T Personal Edition. The update file is specific to a customer account. The update file works with a single hardware device, which is identified by its unique serial number.

Each USB hardware device has a unique serial number that is required during the activation process. To locate the serial number of a key, turn the key to the side opposite the colored label. You see three rows of numbers. The lowest or bottom row of numbers is the serial number. The serial number is always of the form 03-xxxxx or 02-xxxxx where xxxxx is five hexadecimal digits.
Figure 1. USB hardware device
Hardware key