Troubleshooting for the installation of z/OS volume images

Table 1. Trouble shooting the installation of z/OS® volume images
Symptom Problem Determination
You get the following errors while performing a z1091_ADCD_install command:
Error: Failed to get license. 
      Return code: 312.
Error: Unable to locate expected 
      license: 0D98
For information on possible causes, see the same symptom in "Troubleshooting for USB Hardware device activation and licensing".

Also this can occur if the USB Hardware device, either local or in a product license server, has been updated with a .upw update file instead of a .zip update file. If you are migrating a ZD&T instance from version 9 to version 9.1, you must request a new update file from the Rational® License Key Center to install the ADCD S1RES1 and SARES1 volumes.