Switching tokens

Learn how to switch tokens in a local UIM database.

In this scenario, token 12345 is used with a newly installed zPDT® system. When zPDT is first started, this serial number is written in the local UIM database. If a different token is used on a subsequent startup, the zPDT startup fails. Use the uimreset -l command to remove serial 12345 from the UIM database. After the original serial number is removed, a new token can be used.

If the serial number in the local UIM database was assigned by a UIM server, or if the RANDOM parameter was used with the clientconfig command, then any local tokens can be used; the operational serial number is taken from the local UIM database.

The important point is that zPDT recognizes the difference between a UIM server-assigned serial number, which can be used with any token, and a locally installed serial number, which is taken from a local token. A locally installed serial number must match the token being used, unless the RANDOM option is set.