Restarting Safe Net modules

Two SafeNet functions are involved with zPDT®: the SHK or LDK-SL license servers and a daemon, or token driver, that communicates with tokens in USB ports. After zPDT is installed, both these functions are started automatically when Linux® is started. Changing the license server files requires restarting the license server. It should not be necessary to restart the token driver except in unusual situations.

To restart the USB token daemon, enter these commands from root:

$ su
#cd /opt/safenet_sentinel/common_files/sentinel_usb_daemon
#./   restart
To restart the SHK server, enter these commands:

#	cd /opt/safenet_sentinel/common_files/sentinel_keys_server
#	./loadserv restart
To restart the LDK-SL server, enter this command on newer Linux distributions:

#	systemctl restart aksusbd.service
Enter this command on older Linux distributions:

#	service aksusbd restart