Personal Edition V14.0.0

ZD&T Personal Edition enables a single user to run an IBM® Z distribution on a personal computer.

ZD&T Personal Edition can create an environment for mainframe application demonstration, development, testing, and education without Z mainframe hardware. It enables z/OS®, middleware, and other z/OS software to run on Intel and other compatible computers.

To install ZD&T Personal Edition, you need to run the Personal Edition package on the 8086 Intel-based hardware with RHEL or Ubuntu operating system. This package can emulate z/Architecture® with virtual I/O and devices. For more information about hardware and software requirements, see Prerequisites.

The following topology describes the various components of Personal Edition.
Figure 1. The topology and various components of Personal Edition
Personal Edition

ZD&T Personal Edition provides the following features:

  • Personalized application development and testing environment that can improve development infrastructure availability and flexibility
  • Current® levels of IBM z/OS software that can give access to new runtime capabilities for development and testing for a single user
  • Mixed workload support for a single user that can help reduce development costs
  • An approachable and portable environment for education on Z for a single user

License Key (USB)

ZD&T Personal Edition comes with a USB hardware device that contains the fingerprint that is used to identify the entitlement of user. After you install Personal Edition, you need to insert the USB hardware device to the USB port of the machine to enable the license. For more information, see Enabling a license key.

Application Developers Controlled Distribution (ADCD)

ZD&T Personal Edition comes with the Application Developers Controlled Distribution (ADCD) package, which is known as z/OS ADCD. A z/OS ADCD for ZD&T Personal Edition contains many of the products and subsystems that you might need to develop z/OS applications such as CICS®, Db2®, IMS, and z/OS compiler. Most of these products and subsystems can run without any customization, but some need customization or initialization.

For a complete list of z/OS products in ADCD, see Products contained in this release.

3270 terminal emulator

After Personal Edition and ADCD is installed successfully, you can IPL the z/OS distributions with the specified IPL parameters. Before the IPL process, you need to install a 3270 terminal emulator on your machine. The terminal emulator is not supplied with the package. You can download the x3270 Linux package on your machine, or purchase IBM Personal Communication Terminal Emulator to access Mainframe machine. You can run the emulator either on the Linux machine where you installed ZD&T Personal Edition, or on your personal Windows, Mac devices to access the ZD&T z/OS distributions by the IP and port (3270) of the machine.

For the detailed steps to install, update, or uninstall ZD&T Personal Edition, see Checklist.