Removing functions

Use these commands to remove zPDT® functions.

All SHK server functions (and associated UIM) can be removed by simply removing zPDT on that server. You can use either of these methods. In the first command, notice that the --removeall parameter is preceded by two dashes.

#	z1090-1-6-49.17.x86_64 --removeall
#	rpm -e z1090
#       rpm -e z1091
The LDK client function can be removed with a command like the following (where the exact file should match whatever name was used to install the LDK client function). Notice that the -- remove parameter is preceded by two dashes.
# /usr/z1090/bin/ --remove
An LDK server is a normal rpm package that can be removed with this command, which also automatically removes the UIM server that was associated with the LDK server.

# rpm -e aksusbd