Applying the update file to the software-based license server

After you obtain the update file, you need to apply it to the software-based license server to enable the license server.

  1. Log in to the computer. If you are not logging in as the root user ID, enter su that is followed by the root password.
  2. Change to the /opt/IBM/LDK directory:
    cd /opt/IBM/LDK
  3. Run the following command:
    ./update_license <path of the updated file>
    This file must have downloaded in your machine at the steps of For software-based license server. This command produces several messages that indicate that the update is successful.
  4. Use the root user ID to run the following command:
    /opt/IBM/LDK# ./query_license
    Then, you can see the number of available CPs. For example, the output is shown as below.
    The following key is available:
    HASP-SL key_id=432975633343422885  feature(s):
    FID Feature Name          Expiration         Logins MaxLogins
    333-    CPU License  Tue Oct 30,2018 19:59:59   39  100
    334-   ADCD License  Tue Oct 30,2018 19:59:59    0    1
    Host Information:  zdt-lic-mgr   localhost
    Thesse are the currently active sessions:
            KeyID        FID     FeatureName        Address       User              Machine       LoginTime          #
      432975633343422885 333     CPU License    ibmsys1             zdt-dev4  Mon Oct 30, 17:25:40    3
  5. Optional: go to /usr/z1090/bin, and run the following command from the non-root user ID (ibmsys1).