Software-based license

Each instance that uses the software-based licensing must activate the software-based license server client and configure the client to have network access to the software-based license server. You must have network connectivity to the server.


To activate ZD&T instances, complete the following steps:

  1. Login as the root user ID, and enter the following command:
    # /usr/z1090/bin/gen2_init
    This setup command needs to be done only once.
    It performs several actions:
    1. The software-based license server client requires a 32-bit version of the Linux® glibc library. This command first accesses the configured Linux repositories to obtain the latest version of this library. If your base Linux already has glibc-32bit installed, then you can ignore failures in attempting to fetch these libraries. If glibc-32bit is not already installed on your base Linux system, and if you cannot connect to these repositories because of firewalls, for example, then you must obtain and install glibc-32bit in some other way before you start the software-based license server client.
    2. The software-based license server client is started. The software-based license server client is started automatically any time the client Linux system is restarted.
  2. If the client instance is running on a platform that previously authenticated with either a hardware-based license or a different software-based license server, issue this command from root:
    uimreset -l
  3. Enter this command from root:
    cd /usr/z1090/bin/
    A window opens with several fields, then complete these fields:
    1. Set Gen2 Contact Server field to the hostname or IP address of software-based license server.
    2. Set Gen2 BackupServer field if you want to set up software-based license server for failover. Otherwise, leave the field empty. This field is optional.
    3. Leave Gen1 Contact Server empty. This field is used for product license server.
    4. Leave Gen1 BackupServer empty. This field is used for failover product license server.
    5. Set UIM ContactServer if you want to use different UIM server than License manager. Otherwise, leave the field empty. This field is optional.
    6. Leave UIM Local Serial Random empty. This field is optional.
    7. Press Enter twice to save these values.
  4. Enter the following command from /usr/z1090/bin.
    If the information of software-based license server is not displayed, complete the following steps:
    1. Go to /etc/hasplm/hasplm.ini and edit the file, and enter 1 to the value of aggressive mode and 0 to broadcast mode.
    2. Enter service aksusbd restart command.
    3. Wait for 5 minutes, and enter ./query_license command to verify the information of the license server.
  5. Optionally, you can use command line interface to complete client configuration. To invoke the client, enter the following command:
    cd /usr/z1090/bin/
    ./clientconfig_cli <parameter>

    clientconfig_cli is usually run by the z1090/z1091 administrator as a superuser root.

    The following parameters are accepted.

    -[g1s1 | g1s2 | g2s1 | g2s2] servername
    Specify Gen1 or Gen2 server. One contact server (s1) and one backup server (s2) can be specified.
    -ucs server
    Specify UIM contact server. The setup is the same as license server by default.
    -usm y/n
    Specify UIM serial method.
    List servers currently configured.
    Help, and print this message.