Setting up the ADCD and z/VM package

Before you configure Z instances, set up the ADCD and z/VM® package.

When you run the installer, a non-root user ID (ibmsys1) is created. The user ID is required to enable the z/OS® images. You can also create other non-root user IDs.

To set up the ADCD package, complete the following steps:
  1. Switch to the non-root user ID (ibmsys1).
  2. Create a folder that is named volumes under /home/ibmsys1, and keep all ADCD and z/VM volumes in the /home/ibmsys1/volumes directory that you downloaded at step 2 of Checklist.
  3. Make sure that all volumes are owned by the non-root user ID. You can use the following command to change the owner and group.
    chown ibmsys1 *
    chgrp zpdt *
    Note: Make sure that the folder that contains *.gz and .ZPD volumes are also owned by the non-root user ID.
  4. Decompress all .gz volumes by using the Linux® command.
    gunzip *.gz
  5. Decrypt .ZPD volumes by using the command from /usr/z1090/bin.
    ./Z1091_ADCD_install <path of volume>/C4RES1.ZPD <output path of volume>/C4RES1

    For example, ./Z1091_ADCD_install /home/ibmsys1/volumes/C4RES1.ZPD /home/ibmsys1/volumes/C4RES1.

  6. Make sure that all decompressed and decrypted files are executable. Otherwise, enter the following command:
    chmod 755 *

For a complete list of z/OS products in ADCD, see Products contained in this release.