For software-based license server with Rational Tokens

Learn about the steps to obtain an update file for software-based license server with Rational® Tokens.

  1. From the root user ID on the software-based license server, run the following command

    This command creates a request compressed file in the root home directory with a name similar to This file is unique to the software-based license server. You can use the file to generate the software-based license key file.

  2. If needed, transmit the file to the system you use to log in to the IBM License Key Center.
  3. Log in to Rational License Key Center, and select your account. If you do not have access to LKC, click Don't have a password, and fill the form with the information in your purchase order.
  4. On the left side of the screen, select Get Keys.
  5. Select the product line for IBM Rational Tokens.
  6. The Select License Keys page displays one or more boxes for orders. Find the order that contains IBM® Z Development and Test Environment. Make a note of the part number for the ZD&T product you want to activate. Select the order that contains the parts you noted, and click Next.
  7. Enter the required information to create the Rational Token license file for your host. Additional information for each field is available by clicking the descriptive link next to the input field. Fields with a red star are required.
  8. Click Generate to generate the Rational Token license file. You are presented with a screen that shows the generated license information.
  9. Click Download License Keys to download the Rational Token license file to your computer. This token license file is the file that is applied to your IBM License Key Server. It is named license.dat by default. Additional information on setting up the Rational License Key Server and applying this file to the server can be found in the IBM License Key Server documentation that is provided in the Rational License Key Server media.
  10. On the Select License Keys page, click Generate Token License Keys for Software-based License Server to generate and download the update file for your software-based license server.
  11. A Required Information page opens and displays a table that you must complete. Provide the request file for the software-based license server for which the license key file is generated. Use the Catalog Item list to confirm the part that you want to use to generate an update file. This confirmation is important if you have entitlement to both ZD&T and ZD&T with Parallel Sysplex®. You cannot combine Token and Sysplex Token activations on a single software-based license key file. From the list, select the entitlement part number that corresponds to the activation you want on the specified software-based license server update file. For more help, click the column headings in the table.
  12. Click Generate at the bottom of the page. A window opens for you to download the update file.
  13. To save the file, click Download for each file that is generated. You can download the generated file either during this process or later. To download any files later, use the View Keys by Host link on the left side of the Rational License Key Center page.