Migration to new UI from previous versions

ZD&T 13.0 provides a new UI, and the task flow is revamped in the ZD&T Enterprise Edition new UI for a streamlined and more robust user experience.

If you are using 12.0.5 or earlier versions of the ZD&T Enterprise Edition web UI, you can go through the following sections to get started with key changes.

Sign in page

If you want to manage components or images, you can additionally select an existing source environment or create a new one to work with when you sign in. Then, when you navigate to the components page and images page, you can get the list that is specific to the selected source environment right away.
sign in

Source and target environment selectors

You can access the environment selectors that you want from anywhere within the UI to create or manage the components, images, and instances that are specific only to the selected environment. The selectors also reduce the need to specify and authenticate at each step during the same session.

Take selecting a source environment as an example.

Source environment selectors

Source environment configuration

Source environment configuration now supports the following three types.
  • IBM Z® mainframes
  • Linux® system that runs an existing ZD&T emulator.
  • ADCD
You can configure these types on the same source environment configuration page, and easily switch to another type of source environment. This design also consolidates the configured environments in the menu for easier retrievability.
Take configuring an IBM Z mainframe environment as an example.
Add source environment

Target environment configuration

The target environment configuration page provides the following two options: Linux and Docker.

For Linux target environments, you can now configure the Linux system as either ZD&T managed or Client managed. If you choose the ZD&T managed option, ZD&T configures the Linux system during instance provisioning, including installing the required Linux packages, configuring user settings, and configuring Linux network settings. Alternatively, you can choose the client managed option, and ensure that the configurations were done manually.

Add target environment

Component creation

The component creation for different component types is consolidated to a single page. You can now select a type of component easily from a drop-down list to create a component.

Take creating a data set component as an example.
Create components

Image creation

When you create an image, the available components are displayed dynamically based on your selected source environment. For example, when you choose an ADCD package in the source environment selector, you can select all available components in the ADCD package and all extracted components from existing IBM Z mainframes. When you choose an IBM Z mainframe in the source environment selector, the page is updated in real time to display the components from the IBM Z mainframe. Then, you can include the components that are needed in your image.

Take creating an ADCD image as an example.
Create images

Assets monitoring and management

You can now easily access the created assets, including components, images, and instances that are specific to your selected source or target environments. Each type of assets now has its stand-alone page, and assets are organized for better readability and easier management.

Take monitoring and managing instances as an example.
Monitor provisioning


ZD&T Enterprise Edition provides tooltips, which provide more context-sensitive help information.