Adding a z/OS on IBM Z physical hardware source environment

To create components from a real IBM Z® environment, you need to configure an IBM Z mainframe first. Then, you can create components by extracting, compressing, and transferring artifacts from an existing z/OS® environment on IBM Z.

To create a new IBM Z mainframe source environment, complete the following steps:
  1. Click Source environments on the home page, or click the upper-right settings button to navigate to Source environments.
  2. Click Add source environment.
  3. Select the IBM Z platform source environment type.
  4. Specify a unique source environment name that can be identified when you create components or images.
  5. Enter the specified hostname and SSH port of the IBM Z mainframe system that is used to extract z/OS data.
  6. If you want to create CICS® components from the CICS regions on the IBM Z mainframe system, click Add CICS region. Then, provide the details to define a CICS region, and click Submit.
  7. If you want to create Db2® components from the Db2 subsystems on the IBM Z mainframe system, click Add Db2 subsystem. Then, provide the details to define a Db2 subsystem, and click Submit.
    Note: If you do not configure the option to use the IBM® Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS, you need to enter the DDL file path when you create a Db2 component.
  8. Click Add source environment.
For the IBM Z mainframe systems that are added, you can edit or delete the existing source system, CICS regions, and Db2 subsystems. Also, you can filter the source systems with CICS regions or Db2 subsystems by selecting the types of Db2 or CICS on the left.
  • To configure a CICS region or a Db2 subsystem, you need to have some basic knowledge of CICS regions or Db2 subsystems on the mainframe system.
  • The configured mainframe system cannot be deleted if some components were created from the mainframe system.