Adding an ADCD source environment

Learn how to add an ADCD source environment on the web server. Administrator privileges are required to complete this task.

Before you begin

Extended ADCD is a pre-built package that contains z/OS® and many z/OS products and subsystems from which you can create images. To create images from ADCD, you must configure Extended ADCD first. For more information, see Configuring Extended ADCD.

About this task

After the Extended ADCD files are successfully transferred to your storage server, you can add an ADCD source environment on the web server. To create an ADCD source environment, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Source environments on the home page, or click the upper-right settings button to navigate to Source environments.
  2. Click Add source environment.
  3. Select the ADCD source environment type.
  4. Ensure that the instructions that are described in topic Configuring Extended ADCD are completed to discover Extended ADCD packages. Then, click Load ADCD.
    If duplicated Extended ADCD entries are found in the adcd directory location, you must ensure that only one copy of Extended ADCD exists in the location.
  5. After the Extended ADCD packages are loaded successfully from the storage server, click Back to manage page.