Updating Personal Edition to the latest version

Learn about the steps to update Personal Edition to the latest version interactively or silently.

Before you update ZD&T Personal Edition, make sure that the awsstop command was issued from a non-root user ID.

To update ZD&T Personal Edition, run the following steps from root user ID.
  1. Open the directory that contains the installer ZDT_Install_PE_V14.0.0.tgz.
  2. Change the authority.
    chmod 755 ZDT_Install_PE_V14.0.0.tgz
  3. Decompress the installer.
    tar -xzvf ZDT_Install_PE_V14.0.0.tgz
  4. Optional: Read the README.txt file for the complete installation steps.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. Type 2 to update.
  7. Press ENTER, and read the license agreements carefully. At the end of the license, enter yes to accept or no to decline the terms.
  8. Optional: enter y to install automatic network configuration. Or, enter n to decline the installation.

    By entering y, your z/OS® starts using the IP of your Linux® machine. This option is useful if you want to share your Linux IP address with your z/OS. Without providing a dedicated and static IP address to z/OS, you can interact with your z/OS and applications directly. Before you enter y, you need to consider that the network configuration changes your Linux and networking functions, allows the Linux firewall to reroute TCP/IP packets to z/OS, and updates the TCP/IP specifications in the z/OS disks.

    To learn more about the network configuration, see Configuring the network.

    Important: Remember to download the volumes of ADCD May 2020 edition from passport advantage, and decompress the *.gz volume on the same machine where you install ZD&T V13.0.0.
  9. After the update completes, run the following command to verify whether the update is successful.
    For the RHEL operating system, run the command.
    rpm -qa | grep z1091
    For the UBUNTU operating system, run the command.
    dpkg -l | grep z1091
    If the package is updated successfully, the following output is displayed.
Alternatively, after you complete steps 1- 3, you can run the following commands to update ZD&T Personal Edition silently.
  • To update Personal Edition without automated network configuration, run the following command:
    ./ZDT_Install_PE_V14.0.0.x86_64 --update
  • To update Personal Edition with automated network configuration, run the following command:
    ./ZDT_Install_PE_V14.0.0.x86_64 --update –-net
After the update completes, you can follow the steps that are described in Enabling a license key and Configuring Z instances.
Note: This process of update is only valid for ZD&T version 11 or above. For an earlier ZD&T or RD&T version, you need to follow the corresponding documentation of the version.