Creating the device map

A sample program is available in the /opt/ConfigGuideSample directory where you have installed ZD&T.

To create the device map from a non-root user ID, run the following command:
perl <pathtocommand>/ pathtodisks > generateddevmap

For example, perl /home/ibmsys1/volumes > generateddevmap

If you create the devmap manually, or edit the devmap that is created by the utility, you can run the following command from /usr/z1090/bin to verify it after you create the devmap manually.

awsckmap /home/ibmsys1/volumes/generateddevmap

Then, open the devmap and add cpuopt zvm_couplingfacility in the [system] stanza.

If you are using Rational® token with hardware-based or software-based license, add the following information to the [system]stanza.
rdtserver 27000@rational token (RLKS) hostname/IP Address

For more information on the sections and syntax of device maps, see the "1090 Control Files" section of the zPDT® Guide and Reference.