UIM server

The UIM server is automatically installed when installing either the SHK or the LDK-SL license server packages provided for zPDT®.

Once installed, the remote UIM server must initially be started manually; thereafter it is automatically managed by cron. It must not run as root. It runs under a normal Linux® userid and places its database in the home directory of that userid. It also places small log files in the home directory. For this reason, the same Linux userid (not root) should always be used to run the UIM server.

Two commands are associated with running the UIM server:
$ uimserverstart
    Start the UIM server.
$ uimserverstop
    Stop the UIM server.

The uimserverstart command, in addition to starting the server, places entries in the Linux cron files such that the UIM server is restarted automatically (after 10 minutes) if it fails. It is also started automatically during a Linux reboot. The uimserverstop command stops the server and removes these cron entries.

No other configuration is needed for the UIM server. You must not edit the UIM database file that is created in a subdirectory of the home directory of the userid running the UIM server.