SHK license server

The SHK license server is part of the standard zPDT® package and is installed as if you were installing a zPDT client. It is activated by the actions of the two token “driver” components that are part of zPDT installation.

One or more 1090 or 1091 tokens must be installed in the license server machine before it can be used. The license server configuration file is located in: /opt/safenet-sentinel/common_files/sentinel_key_server/sntlconfigsrvr.xml

This file typically does not require any additional configuration. If you want to change the license server port number, you can edit and change this file. You would then need to restart the server by using these commands:

#	cd /opt/safenet_sentinel/common_files/sentinel_keys_server 

#	./loadserv restart 

Several security functions may be specified in the sntlconfigsrve.xml file.