Client UIM configuration

The client UIM information is held in /etc/z1090/uim/uimclient.db. In unusual error situations you might be advised to delete this file. Deleting this file causes the UIM function to obtain or create a new serial number (working with your local token or with a remote UIM server) when zPDT® is next started.

To configure the client UIM:
  • For a local token client, the UIM function is normally transparent; no action is needed.
  • For an SHK license server, the license server configuration (with the clientconfig command) also configures access to the UIM server. By default, the UIM server is assumed to be at the same IP address as the SHK or LDK server..
  • To set up the different UIM server than the SHK/LDK server, set the UIM Contact Server field.

    For more information about license server configuration, see SHK client configuration and LDK client configuration