Creating a Db2 component

After you configured an IBM Z® mainframe system with Db2® subsystems, you can create Db2 components.

Before you create Db2 components from an IBM® Z mainframe, you must ensure that you are aware of the prerequisites and known limitations for creating Db2 components. For more information, see Hardware and software requirements and Limitations.

To create a Db2 component from an IBM Z mainframe, complete the following steps:
  1. Select an IBM Z mainframe that you want to connect from the drop-down menu in the SOURCE ENVIRONMENT pane.
  2. Click Create components on the home page. Or, click the Components tab on the header, and click Create component.
  3. Enter the credentials of the IBM Z mainframe if the source environment is not logged in.
    Note: Contact your administrator if you do not have the information of the mainframe system.
  4. Click the drop-down menu of the Component type, and select Db2.
  5. Select a configured Db2 subsystem.
  6. Enter a unique name that can be used to recognize the Db2 component.
  7. If you clear the option to use the IBM Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS® when you configured a Db2 subsystem, you need to enter the DDL file path.
  8. Optional: Enable the Adjust advanced settings option, and enter an integer in the box of Concurrent extractions to define the number of artifacts that you want to extract simultaneously.
    Note: Concurrent extractions can extract multiple artifacts in parallel, and improve the efficiency of creating components with multiple artifacts. However, if the number is too large, the system might be overloaded, and the overall process might be slow.
  9. Optional: Enter some notes that can help you identify the component.
  10. Select the Db2 artifacts from the schemas that are displayed for the component.
    Note: If you check the box of a schema, all the artifacts are automatically selected. If you want to select only some artifacts of a schema or clear some selected artifacts, click the schema name, then select or clear the artifacts.
  11. Click Show number items selected to verify the Db2 schemas and artifacts that are selected to create the component.
  12. Click Create component. Or click Schedule extraction to specify the date and time that you want to create the component.
    Note: The option that automatically includes all tables with referential constraints is selected by default. This option can ensure that all the tables with referential constraints will be automatically validated and included when the data is extracted. If you clear the option, referential constraints will not be validated or included automatically, and the data extraction might not be completed. This option does not apply to view selection.

After you create a Db2 component from IBM Z mainframe, all extracted artifacts will be stored on the system that you configured for storage.


All database objects such as tables, indexes, and views are created on the target system based on the definitions that are obtained from the source system. Even if you select only one table for extraction, all the tables that are contained in the database will be created on the target system. Sequences are also created on the target system for each schema that is involved.

Db2 data is unloaded or loaded by using pipes (FIFO files in z/OS UNIX® System Services). Therefore, any Db2 unloads or loads that failed cannot be restarted. If the failures occur during the Db2 unload or load process, the Db2 extraction programs will attempt to automatically clean up and stop the online utilities. If the user ID that runs the extraction does not have the authority to clean up these utilities, the manual cleanup action is required by the user ID that has the authority. The further extractions or instances might fail until the cleanup is complete.

Due to the method that is used to extract and create Db2 objects, the following conditions prevent the creation of more than one Db2 component in a single ZD&T image.
  • The components that contain an overlap of Db2 for z/OS tables.
  • The components that have an overlap of Db2 for z/OS databases.