Adding a Linux source environment that is running a ZD&T instance

You can create volume components quickly from an existing z/OS instance that runs on a host Linux® system by adding this system as a source environment on the web server.

To add a Linux source environment, complete the following steps:
  1. Click Source environments on the home page, or click the upper-right settings button to navigate to Source environments.
  2. Click Add source environment.
  3. Select the Linux running a ZD&T emulator source environment type.
  4. Specify a unique source environment name that can be identified when you create volume components.
  5. Enter the specified hostname and SSH port of the host Linux system. Then, enter the location of the ZD&T emulator devmap on the source environment.
  6. If you want to define the directory where the compressed files will be stored before they are transmitted to the storage server, enable the Compression option. Then, enter a working directory that can temporarily store the compressed files. For example, /home/ibmsys1/zdt.
  7. Enter the specified hostname and SSH port of the z/OS® instance on Linux.
  8. Click Connect ZD&T environment.
  9. Enter the credentials to the Linux environment that you are connecting to, and click Submit.