Default authentication and authorization

ZD&T Enterprise Edition comes with a default user ID and password. You can also change the default password.

The default user ID 'zdtadmin' is defined in file <install directory>/Liberty/usr/servers/zdt-server/basicauth-conf.xml, and the default password of this user ID is set during installation. This password is authorized as an administrator account on the web server. To change the default password, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the encryption key that is specified by wlp.password.encryption.key in file /opt/ibm/zdt/Liberty/usr/servers/zdt-server/
  2. If the Java™ path is not set up, you need to set up the path before you run the next command.
  3. Run the following command where you installed the web server.
    /opt/ibm/zDT/Liberty/bin/securityUtility encode --encoding=aes --key=<encryption_key_found_above> <new password value>
    Copy the following encoded string into file <install directory>/Liberty/usr/servers/zdt-server/basicauth-conf.xml. For example, replace the text in bold with the new encoded password value.
    <!-- user authentication --> 
    <basicRegistry id="zDT" realm="zDT"> 
    <user name="zdtadmin" 

For more information about authorization on the web server, see Managing users and roles.