Applying the update file to the ZD&T Personal Edition machine

Before you insert the USB hardware device into a computer's USB port, verify that the computer's clock is set correctly. If your computer is new or recently repaired, ensure that the clock is correct.

  1. Never set the system clock to a future date or time when the USB hardware device is plugged in. Otherwise, the hardware device is damaged.
  2. If the USB hardware device is attached to a computer with a clock that is set to a future date, the device remembers the future date. When the time is set back to the current time, the USB device does not recognize this change, and will not work until the clock reaches the previously set future time. If the clock was set to a future time or date, which causes ZD&T is unable to authenticate with the USB hardware device, you receive a message that indicates a "time cheat" state.

Set your system clock to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to avoid errors that are caused by semi-annual time changes (for example, Daylight Saving Time).

To apply the update file to the ZD&T Personal Edition machine, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect the USB hardware device to the computer that is running ZD&T Personal Edition.
    Note: Connect only the USB hardware device that is being activated to your computer during this process. Otherwise, unpredictable results might occur.
  2. Log in to the computer. If you are not running as a root user ID, enter su that is followed by the root password.
  3. Change to the /usr/z1090/bin directory.
    cd /usr/z1090/bin
  4. Run the following command where is the full path and file name of the update file.
    ./Z1091_token_update -u
    This command produces several messages that indicate that the update was successful.
  5. After the update file is successfully applied, unplug the USB hardware key, and wait for at least 10 seconds. Then, reconnect the hardware key. It is now ready for routine ZD&T operation.
  6. Restart the local SHK license server from a root user ID by using the command:
    /opt/safenet_sentinel/common_files/sentinel_keys_server/loadserv restart
    This step can ensure that the system discovers the newly applied licenses.
  7. Optionally, verify that the licenses are now available on your USB hardware device by using the command:
    ./Z1091_token_update -status
  8. Switch to non-root user ID, and enter the following command from /usr/z1090/bin
    If errors occur, enter the following command from /usr/z1090/bin.
    ./uimreset -l
    Then enter the ./uimcheck again to make sure that no error occurs.
Important: Even you have purchased license for more than one year. The license will expire after one year. You need to apply the update file again before the expiration date. After ZD&T is started, to verify the effective Z serial number, and the expiration date of the license, enter the following token command from /usr/z1090/bin by using the non-root user ID (ibmsys1).