Installing Enterprise Edition

To install ZD&T Enterprise Edition, run the installer from the root user ID.

  1. Open the directory that contains the installer ZDT_Install_EE_V12.0.0.1.tgz.
  2. Change the authority.
    chmod 755 ZDT_Install_EE_V12.0.0.1.tgz
  3. Decompress the installer.
    tar -xzvf ZDT_Install_EE_V12.0.0.1.tgz
  4. Optional: Read the README.txt file for the complete installation steps.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. Select 1 for ZD&T Enterprise Edition.
  7. Select 1 to install.
  8. Press ENTER, and read the license agreements carefully. At the end of the license, enter Yes to accept or No to decline the terms.
  9. Start of changeSelect y if you want a user ID 'zdt' that is automatically created on the system to run the Enterprise Edition web server process. If you select n, you will be promoted to specify the existing user ID that you want to use to run the web server process.End of change
  10. After the installation completes, run the following command to verify whether the installation is successful.
    • RHEL operating system
      rpm -qa | grep zdtapp
    • UBUNTU operating system
      dpkg -l | grep zdtapp

    If the package is installed successfully, the output contains the string zdtapp

Alternatively, after you complete the steps 1 - 4, you can install ZD&T Enterprise Edition silently by using the following command.
./ZDT_Install_EE_V12.0.0.1.x86_64 --install --zdtee
Note: Silent installation does not install any required dependencies. You need to install the dependencies before you start the installer silently. For the list of dependencies, see Prerequisites.