Configuring Z APM Connect CICS TS Data Producer to connect to another subsystem

By using the installation process, you have a default environment for CICS® TS Data Producer. The default environment can satisfy the requirements to support CICS tracking. However, if the subsystem name for the Z APM Connect Base is not the default name AGMZ, you are required to configure CICS TS Data Producer.


Complete the following steps to connect CICS TS Data Producer to a different subsystem name:

  1. Add the AGMSYSIN configuration file to CICS TS.
    1. Using the SAGMSAM member AGMCPARM as a sample, create a PDS data set with DCB values: DSORG=PO,RECFM=FB,LRECL=80.
    2. Complete each parameter type in one line, with all parameters separated by a comma. Valid parameters and types are:
      • TYPE=S indicates a system configuration card. This parameter must be the first parameter that starts in column one.
      • JOBNAME=mask specifies the CICS job name of the CICS region that this parameter applies to.

        This parameter value can be the entire job name, or a mask by using an asterisk (*) as a wildcard. For example, CI* applies to all CICS regions that begins with CI. Only one asterisk can be specified, and it must be the last character in the mask. If JOBNAME is omitted, this parameter applies to all CICS regions.

      • SUBSYS=subsys specifies the Z APM Connect Base subsystem name. If omitted, the default subsystem name AGMZ is used.
        For example,
    3. Add the AGMSYSIN parameter data set and the member to a CICS region's JCL procedure by using the following DD statement format:
      //AGMSYSIN DD DISP=SHR,DSN=your.pds.dataset(member)
      Note: No other JCL DD statement options, for example FREE=CLOSE, should be added to the AGMSYSIN DD statement. If the AGMSYSIN configuration data set and member are not created, CICS TS Data Producer uses parameter defaults.
  2. Restart your CICS regions to activate CICS TS Data Producer.

    Conditional: If a CICS restart is not possible, you can log on to the CICS region, use CEDA INSTALL GROUP(AGMDEFS) to define the resources to CICS, and then use the AGMU,START transaction to initialize IBM Z® APM Connect in the CICS region.


CICS TS Data Producer successfully links to the Z APM Connect Base when the AGMP1043I message is written to the CICS control region syslog. CICS TS Data Producer is operational when the message AGMP1058I is written to the CICS control region syslog.