Messages generated by IBM Z APM Connect

Use the messages generated by IBM® Z APM Connect when you are troubleshooting. Some messages are informational in nature, some messages identify issues that you can correct, and some messages identify errors that you might need assistance from IBM Software Support to resolve.

Each IBM Z® APM Connect message includes a suffix that indicates the message type. The message type indicator can be one of the following values:
For informational messages, which do not typically require administrator or operator actions.
For warning messages, which might require an action to resolve, but do not typically stop normal processing.
For error messages, which typically indicate a serious problem. In many cases, a problem that is indicated in an error message must be resolved before normal operation can continue.

The following messages are classified by specific prefixes that correspond to IBM Z APM Connect components that generate the messages. These messages are key to determining the cause of your problem and your response to resolve the problem.