Known issues and limitations

When you use the IBM Z® APM Connect feature, be aware of the following known issues and limitations.

Z APM Connect Base
  • The maximum number of couriers is 50 per Z APM Connect Base address space.
  • Multiple Z APM Connect Base address spaces can be run on a single LPAR. However, CICS and IMS regions must be configured to use the appropriate Base address space. Some must specify the SSID of one Base, while others must be configured to use the SSID of the other Base(s).
Tracking CICS Transaction Gateway
ECIExtendedMode requests in the same Unit of Work are reported to the Instana backend as a single call. Z APM Connect reports cumulative metrics for each Extended Unit of Work, and provides a call chain that captures the list of ExtendedModeEci requests in each Unit of Work.

ECIExtendedMode requests that fail to associate with a Unit of Work are reported as individual calls.

Tracking IBM MQ
AppDynamics dynamically adds an MQ message property to messages to be tracked, which is transmitted in the message via an MQRFH2 header. Before you configure AppDynamics, ensure that your application programs are not affected by this modification to messages. Examples of applications that might be affected are ones that expect message content at a specific location in the message without bypassing possible extra headers in the message.
  • Up to 10 IBM MQ regions can be monitored by a single Z APM Connect Base started task. If there are more than 10 MQ regions, you will need additional Bases, and the CICS regions using those additional MQ regions will also need to be configured to use the additional Base's SSID.
  • Up to 32 IBM MQ regions can be supported by one IBM MQ Monitoring Agent Subsystem. If you plan on monitoring more than 32 IBM MQ regions, you need an extra IBM MQ Monitoring Agent Subsystem by using a unique subsystem ID. For more information, see Using a subsystem other than AGMQ.
  • A maximum of 128 MQ subsystems for each MQ monitoring subsystem (AGMQ) are supported for each SSCA control block.
Tracking MQ to CICS transaction flows

A maximum of 170 queues are allowed to track for a CICS region, while a maximum of 10 queues are allowed per CICS task.