V6.1 fix pack 10 (April 2021)

Support for z/OS data to be surfaced on Instana

New in this fix pack, Z APM Connect provides the transaction tracking functionality for Instana (now an IBM Company) to monitor hybrid-cloud applications from mobile-to mainframe. This support includes both Instana SaaS servers as well as self-hosted servers. The following transaction tracking flows are supported:

  • CICS-related translation flows:
    • Transactions entering CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® through HTTP distributed entry point and z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.
    • Transactions flowing into Db2®, IBM® MQ, IMS DB, outbound webservices, and VSAM I/O timing from CICS Transaction Server for z/OS.
    • Downstream transactions that are started over DTP and DPL can be tracked (Additional configuration is needed for DTP downstream transactions. For more information about the configuration, see ../instana/configuration/cics/zapm_cics_dtp.html ).
  • IMS-related transaction flows:
    • Transactions entering IMS Connect through z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.
    • Transactions flowing into IMS through IMS Connect.
    • Transactions flowing into IMS DB from IMS.
    • IMS PLEX (IMS to IMS) transactions.
    • IMS FastPath (FP) transactions.
    • IMS FastPath DEDB and MSDB Databases.
    • IMS Full Function to FP DEDB and MSDB Databases.
Supported transaction tracking flows for Instana
For more information, see ../instana/started/zapm_intro_instana.html.