Procedure for IMS Tools Partner Exits

This information describes the required configuration to install ZAPM Connect IMS Data Producer when IMS Tools partner exits are installed and will run together in the same IMS environment. This requires a zAPM exit definition to be added into the IMS Tools Base GPRssid0 / GPRiiii0 Proclib Member. Define the zAPM exit (AGMPPUE0) in this member and remove it from the IMS DFSDF exit definition, if defined, and restarted the IMS system.


Add the following to IMS Tools Proclib member GPRssid0:

The Generic Partner exit (product prefix GPR) enables multiple copies of the IMS Partner exit, normally named DFSPPUE0 to exist and to be driven within a single IMS environment. See Tools Base 1.6 - Common Services - Generic Partner exit overview for more information.

Define your Partner exits through a PROCLIB member. Each exit must be defined using the following BPE-format control card. The order of the statements in the member determines the order in which the exits are called. This member can be in any data set within your PROCLIB DD concatenation in the JCL. See Tools Base 1.6 - Common Services - PROCLIB member definitions for more information.


The following sample shows a Generic Partner exit definition member for an IMS control region that includes IMS Queue Control Facility, IMS Tools Online Interface, and a ZAPM Connect exit routine:

You can find detailed explanations in the Generic Partner exit definitions topic under the Generic Partner exit overview and usage chapter of the Tools Base for z/OS® documentation.

The last example in PROCLIB member definitions shows a definition for 2 IMS Tools partner exits and one "customer" partner exit routine. There is also the section "Coexistence with other partner exits" in the Generic Partner exit overview topic which explains the order in which Generic Partner DFSPPUE0 needs to be in the steplib concatenation.