V6.1 fix pack 11 & PTF UJ05307 (September 2021)

What's new

This fix pack offers the following new features and enhancements.
  • Support for grouping CICS regions in AppDynamics UI

    Added support for grouping in AppDynamics UI by a specified group name as defined by the z/OS configuration for CICS transactions. This allows you to group your CICS regions into logical groups, such as grouping all the TORs into one tier and all of the AORs into one tier to help reduce the clutter on the AppDynamics flow map. To assign a CICS region to a group, you need to add TYPE=G,GRPNAME=MY_GROUP. For more information, see Grouping CICS regions in AppDynamics UI.

  • New command argument for verifying connectivity with APM vendors

    Added a --verification-timeout command line argument for the standalone installation when verifying credentials and connectivity with the specified APM vendor. You can use this argument when the APM server where the DG is configured to connect typically has a slower response time.

    For more information, see Subcommand: install.

  • New script to gather logs for the cluster installation

    You can run a script saveZapmLogs.sh for the cluster installation to gather all necessary Z APM logs that can be used for troubleshooting or opening a support case. Running this one command will collect everything you might ask for on the distributed side of Z APM.

  • First official release for support of Instana on z/OS tracing
    • Created package for cluster support for Instana on z/OS tracing. This is a duplicate of the cluster support, but with only the Instana components included.
    • Created package for standalone support for Instana on z/OS tracing. This is a duplicate of the standalone support, but with only the Instana components included.
  • New function for tracking HTTP calls into CICS for vendors with W3C TraceContext support

    With PTF UJ05307, Z APM Connect provides a new function that supports Instana transaction tracking (and other vendors with W3C TraceContext support) for HTTP calls into CICS. The Z APM CICS data collector now tracks calls that enter CICS over HTTP with a valid traceparent header, allowing those calls to be displayed on a vendor with W3C TraceContext support.

What's changed

This fix pack introduces the following changes.
  • Updated Kafka image to version 2.8.0
  • Updated Redis image to version 6.2.5
  • Updated Zookeeper image to version 3.6.3
  • Updated UBI base image to 8.4-209
  • Updated RHEL8-python base image to 1-15
  • Changed ./zapmctl logs to also collect docker inspect output
  • In PTF UJ05307, fixed transaction name truncation for transactions that issue MQPUT
  • In PTF UJ05307, made updates for CICS V6.1 compatibility