Subcommand: install --update

The install --update subcommand can be used to update the latest release.
sudo ./zapmctl install --update
To upgrade Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway (previously named Z APM Connect Transaction Tracking Gateway) from V6.1.0 fix pack 8 or later to the latest fix pack, follow the steps below.
Note: If you are upgrading from any release level lower than V6.1.0 fix pack 8 or later, uninstall that fix pack first and then install the latest fix pack. It is recommended that you first back up any certificates and configuration files before installing the latest release. After you complete the backup and uninstall the previous fix pack, follow the steps in zapm_dg_overview.html to install and configure the latest release.
  1. Download the V6.1.1 Fix Pack 4 from Fix Central and move it to the directory where the previous version is installed.

    The installation directory /opt/ibm is used as an example.

    mv ./6.1.1-TIV-ZAPM-FP00004-standalone.tar.gz /opt/ibm/
    cd /opt/ibm
  2. Extract the tar file by the following command:
    tar -xvzf 6.1.1-TIV-ZAPM-FP00004-standalone.tar.gz
  3. Install the latest version with the following command:
    sudo ./zapmctl install --update

    The above command will add all of the latest Z APM Connect images to the local image repository and will ask about restarting the Z APM Connect DG. It will not remove any previous configuration, certificates, or saved logs.