Submitting problems to IBM Software Support

If you cannot determine the cause of the errors, you can gather diagnostic information about the problem and contact IBM® Software Support for a solution.

Support Resource: IBM Software Support site:
IBM Software Support might request that you enable certain trace options for the Z APM Connect DG process. To gather logs, issue the following commands.
Installation Format Command
Cluster (Kubernetes & OpenShift) For each pod running: oc logs [podName] > [podName].txt and for each ttg image (will have ttg in the name), also run:
oc cp [podName]:/zapm/logs/appd/ [podName]-appd
Standalone sudo ./zapmctl logs. After collecting all of the logs, the command will print the location of the directory where the logs were created.
Warning: Enabling tracing might result in a large amount of output. You do so only upon request from IBM Software Support. Remember to change it back when the trace is collected.