Z APM Connect Interceptor for z/OS Connect EE

Z APM Connect Interceptor enables you to collect Z APM Connect transaction tracking data through z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition (z/OS Connect EE).

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (z/OS Connect EE) is a server that runs in Unix System Services on z/OS. It routes requests that come from z/OS to the proper subsystem on z/OS. As part of its processing, z/OS Connect EE allows users to register interceptors that run before the transaction is sent to the subsystem, and then again when the response from the subsystem is returned.

Z APM Connect Interceptor is one of those interceptors. When installed and configured, it tracks the time that is spent within z/OS Connect EE for a transaction, and pass relevant tracking information down to the relevant subsystem so that the transaction can further be tracked and reported to the AppDynamics UI.

For more information about how to install and configure Z APM Connect Interceptor, see Installing and configuring Z APM Connect Interceptor.