AGMZ0062E subsys Abend abcode-rsncode Loading Parm Module module


The Z APM Connect Base abended attempting to load a parameter module specifying application parameters.
Message Variables:
  • subsysZ APM Connect Base subsystem.
  • abcode – Abend code.
  • rsncode – Reason code.
  • module – Parameter module name.

System action

Z APM Connect Base is shut down.

Administrator response

The parameter module name is in the form xxxxAGMZ, where xxxx is the first four characters passed as a parameter to AGMZDRVR in the Z APM Connect Base JCL. Analyze the abend received to determine the error. Check that the name of the parameter module is correct, and it resides in the Z APM Connect Base STEPLIB or z/OS® Linklist. Check that the Z APM Connect Base REGION size is large enough to load this module. If the problem persists, contact IBM® Software Support.