Suspend and Resume Functionality

Normally, SA z/OS automates resources that are defined in the policy based on their desired status goals (that is, to be available or unavailable). If the goals are satisfied, no action is taken. But SA z/OS reacts each time an automated message arrives or whenever the actual observed status differs from a resource's desired status. Resources can be started or stopped; commands can be issued as result of messages; operators can be alerted, and so on.

In some situations, for instance, when maintenance activities require manual startup or shutdown of a resource, the involvement of SA z/OS is not wanted. In fact, it would be even counterproductive if SA z/OS "corrected" that.

In such situations, SA z/OS allows the operator or administrator to suspend a resource. While it is suspended, automation does not attempt to start or stop this resource. Similarly, it does not react on messages that would normally trigger status commands or other commands that are defined in the policy for a message. Most importantly, it does not alert the operations team by exposing an unusual Automation Agent or observed status on any status display (for instance INGLIST or SDF), which operators are normally sensitive to.