What's new in IBM Z Open Development


What's new in IBM Z Open Development

You can install the product documentation available in IBM® Knowledge Center on a workstation for local access. For more information, see Knowledge Center Installer for IBM Explorer for z/OS® Aqua.

Version 1.0.2

The following changes were added for IBM Z Open Development Version 1.0.2.

  • Support for length and offset of PL/I data elements

    The Data Elements view now supports the display of length and offset for PL/I data elements. For more information, see Getting information about data elements.

The following changes were added for IBM z/OS Debugger Version 14.1.7.

  • Source entry breakpoints
    • When you create source entry breakpoints, you need to specify module and compile unit information. You are prompted to enter a module name and compile unit name when you add the breakpoint during an edit session for the first time. With the module name and compile unit name specified, the debug session can suspend at the desired location. For more information, see Source entry breakpoints.
  • Visual debug
    • Stack pattern breakpoints that are set in one debug session are restored in subsequent debug sessions.
    • When visual debug is enabled, a new toolbar action Link with Visual Debug View appears in the Breakpoints view. When the action is enabled, selecting a stack pattern breakpoint in the Breakpoints view shows the stack pattern path in the Visual Debug view.
  • Remote playback

Version 1.0.1

The following changes were added for IBM Z Open Development Version 1.0.1.

  • Unreachable code automatically highlighted in COBOL and LPEX Editor
    • Unreachable code lines in COBOL files are now highlighted by default. If you want to disable the auto-highlighting, go to COBOL > Real-Time Syntax Checking and set the preference to Ignore.
    • UI enhancements for PL/I Editor formatter
      • You can configure indentation, capitalization, and line length in the redesigned single-tab formatter in PL/I Editor.
      • You can preview your change of settings in the new preview pane in the formatter.
          • Integrating IBM Z Open Development and Dependency Based Build
            • An API is provided to allow you to customize the DBB user build to allow for building the solution that meets your organization's rules and simplify the developer's experience. The API provides the ability to control the triggering of the user build, providing more flexibility to implement rules for the fields that the wizard requires and rules for additional properties that your scripts require.
            • You can now set default values for builds in the Preferences page.
            • Dependencies for a user build can always be properly selected using the Discover the dependencies to load check box even if the file was not edited by the editors before.
            • You can now start a DBB user build in your editor.
          • More flexibility in naming Rational® Team Concert® user build JCL jobs
            • You can now use the new USERID variable with the JOBNAME variable to name an RTC user build JCL job with more flexibility.