Network communication problems

In the configuration files for some IBM Z® Operational Log and Data Analytics components, the administrator must specify host names or IP addresses for services to which the component must connect. If a host name (rather than an IP address), is specified, some conditions in the IT environment might prevent the host name from being correctly resolved, which can cause communication problems between the IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics component and the services to which it must connect.


Depending on where the problem occurs, complete one of the following steps:
  • If this problem occurs in the Problem Insights server on IBM® z/OS® UNIX System Services, complete the following steps:
    1. Edit the started task (GLAPISRV).
    2. Override the SYSTCPD DD statement to explicitly identify the data set to be used to obtain the parameters that are defined by the TCPIP.DATA statement when no GLOBALTCPIPDATA statement is configured.

      For information about the TCPIP.DATA search order, see the z/OS Communications Server IP Configuration Guide.

  • For all other occurrences of the problem, the workaround for resolving network communication issues is to replace the host names with IP addresses in the configuration files.