Configuring the z/OS NetView message provider for collecting NetView messages

If you configure a NetView Netlog data stream for gathering NetView® for z/OS® message data, you must also configure the NetView message provider to monitor and forward NetView for z/OS messages to the Log Forwarder and the Data Collector. The NetView message provider is defined in the REXX module HBONETV in the SHBOCLST data set.

About this task

The NetView message provider must be associated with a NetView autotask and can be run as a long-running command to get NetView for z/OS messages. The NetView autotask to which you associate the NetView message provider must have the following permissions:
  • Permission to access and edit the configuration directory for the NetView message provider by using the queued sequential access method (QSAM).
  • Permission to issue CZR messages by using the PIPE and CNMECZFS commands
  • Permission to use the LISTVAR and PPI commands


To prepare the NetView message provider for use, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the HBONETV module is placed in the DSICLD data set that is defined in the NetView procedure. Also, ensure that the NetView autotask has access to the HBONETV module.
  2. In the CNMSTYLE member, specify the following information by using common variables:
    Table 1. Information specification
    Information to specify How to specify Example entry in CNMSTYLE member
    Indication of whether to start the NetView message provider in cold or warm start mode Specify either of the following values for the COMMON.HBONETV.START variable:
    • C for cold start mode
    • W for warm start mode, which is the default mode
    Configuration directory for the NetView message provider For the configuration directory, specify a partitioned data set (PDS) where the Data Collector can store some information to keep track of its progress in reading log data.

    Specify the data set as the value of the COMMON.HBONETV.CONFIG.DIR variable.

    The default value is USER.CLIST.