Fields in zoa-* index pattern do not update automatically

When fields are added to a data stream or a new data stream with new fields is added to a policy, existing index patterns do not automatically update. To include the new fields in an index pattern, you need to manually update the index pattern.


After you update a data stream with new fields or add a new data stream that contains new fields, the new fields are not available in the zoa-* index pattern. This might cause a visualization to not show the expected data.


  1. In the Z Data Analytics Platform web UI, click the menu icon menu, then select Management > Platform Management.
  2. In the Platform Management panel, select Index Patterns.
  3. Select zoa-* from the list of index patterns.
  4. Click the 'Refresh field list' icon search to refresh the list of fields for the zoa-* index pattern.
  5. In the pop-up window, click Refresh to confirm to refresh the field list.


The new fields are now available in the field list of the zoa-* index pattern.
Note: This solution can also be applied to update other index patterns such as cdp-*.