Configuring the Z Common Data Provider

This section provides detailed instructions on how to configure Z Common Data Provider.

About this task

The configuration process varies with the way you use Z Common Data Provider to collect and stream operational data.
  • If you use the Log Forwarder and the System Data Engine to collect data and use the Data Streamer to stream data to analytics platforms like the Elastic Stack or Splunk, you need to set up the Configuration Tool, use the Configuration Tool to create your policies for streaming data, prepare the target destinations to receive data from the Data Streamer, configure the Data Streamer, and configure the Log Forwarder and the System Data Engine.
  • If you use the Data Collector to collect operational data and stream data to Apache Kafka, you need to configure the Data Collector by customizing configuration files and batch JCL (for batch mode) or started task (for stream mode).