Configuring the data gatherer components

The Log Forwarder, System Data Engine, and Data Collector are the primary data gatherer components of Z Common Data Provider.

About this task

The z/OS® File System (zFS) or systems that contain the Z Common Data Provider program files (installation files, configuration files, and working files) can be shared among multiple instances of Z Common Data Provider.

If a single directory contains the Log Forwarder configuration files for more than one system, or logical partition (LPAR), each configuration file name must include the names of the sysplex and the system (LPAR) to which the file applies. The file names must use the following conventions, where SYSNAME is the name of the system (LPAR) where the Log Forwarder runs, and SYSPLEX is the name of the sysplex (or monoplex) in which that system is located. The values of both SYSPLEX and SYSNAME must be in all uppercase.

  • SYSPLEX.SYSNAME.zlf.conf

If one file system contains the working directories for multiple instances of Z Common Data Provider, the working directory for each Data Streamer or Log Forwarder instance must be uniquely named.