Running the ps command fails with lock errors

When you run the ps command, it fails with error messages that indicate that container and volume locks cannot be acquired.


When you run the ps command, messages similar to the following are displayed:
ERRO[0000] Refreshing container 1368e011cc9c8e2ea9a487ca81f0de76e0e5b53b68de386476fa9b4da8201e98: error acquiring lock 10 for container 1368e011cc9c8e2ea9a487ca81f0de76e0e5b53b68de386476fa9b4da8201e98: file exists
ERRO[0000] Refreshing volume ibmzaiops_zaiops_datastore: acquiring lock 12 for volume ibmzaiops_zaiops_datastore: file exists

If you run down followed by up, the errors might be temporarily resolved, but they might reappear after a short amount of time.


There is no clearly documented cause or solution for this problem. It is not a problem with the Z Operational Log and Data Analytics software containers, but most likely with a failure in the interaction between Podman and the Linux® operating system. Contact your operating system vendor for assistance with this problem.