Configuration Tool troubleshooting checklist

When you encounter Configuration Tool errors, go through this checklist to help determine the causes and fix the errors.

  • Provide the following information to the support team for problem determination:
    • Environment information
      • z/OS® version
      • Z Common Data Provider version
      • z/OSMF version or Liberty version
      • Java™ version
      • Browser version
    • Enable developer mode of the browser, get the content from the Console tab, and check the Network tab for the response information with failed HTTP request.
  • Check the Java version. For JRE1.8.0 64 bit, make sure the Java version is above SR5 FP22.
  • When you import Z Common Data Provider plug-in in z/OSMF, make sure that the file is imported from the working directory which is created during running script.
  • Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are the browsers supported by Z Common Data Provider. If you encounter issues in one browser, try the other one and see if the issue persists. By doing this we can confirm whether it is a problem specific to one browser.
  • Using MVS™ command /D OMVS,O to query message queue size (IPCMSGQBYTES). Make sure the values is larger than the minimal value 20971520. If not, use the command SETOMVS IPCMSGQBYTES=20971520 to enlarge message queue size.
  • When you encounter errors while running the script, check from the following aspects:
    • Whether there is enough available space in the working directory. You can run command df . in USS working directory to get the available size.
    • Whether the user ID has sufficient authority to the directory containing the policy files.