Groups of data streams in the Configuration Tool

This reference lists and describes the data stream groups in the Select data stream window. In the window, you can expand and select data streams from these groups: Starter Sets, Z Common Data Provider, IBM Z® Operational Log and Data Analytics, and Custom Data Streams.

Starter Sets
Starter Sets includes commonly used data streams. These data streams are categorized into various data stream units based on some z/OS® components and subsystems. This group includes one subgroup: Z Common Data Provider. You can select basic sets of data streams as a unit.
Table 1. Subgroup and data streams of Starter Sets
Subgroup Data stream unit Description of data stream unit
Z Common Data Provider General z/OS system monitoring z/OS system log data, common address space work and RMF CPU activity
Security z/OS system log data and RACF® processing
CICS® CICS MSGUSR and EYULOG log information and information about key performance indicators (KPIs) for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS monitoring
WebSphere® Application Server WAS Request Activity and Data from the SYSOUT and SYSPRINT job log
WebSphere Application Server Liberty The trace, message and console log of WebSphere Application Server Liberty
Db2® Db2 Statistics - system services, database services, Dynamic ZPARMS, Buffer Manager Group Buffer Pool, System Storage® Usage and aggregated accounting statistics
IMS IMS and IMS CPI-CI program start and termination
IBM Z Common Data Provider
This group includes all the data streams that Z Common Data Provider supports.
IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics
This group includes all the data streams for the dashboards and predefined searches that are provided by IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics.
Custom Data Streams
This group includes the data streams that are customized through System Data Engine language.

The SMF data streams in each category are similar, but not the same. For example, the IBM Z Common Data Provider category includes the SMF_030 data stream, and the IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics category includes the SMF30 data stream.

The difference between the two categories is that IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics includes SMF data streams that are designed to support the searches and dashboards. These data streams condense the data flows to only the data that is required by the IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics.