DCOLLECT Data stream reference

For each DFSMS Data Collection Facility (DCOLLECT) record type, this reference lists the name of the data stream that Z Common Data Provider uses to collect the data and includes a brief description of the data stream content. In the Configuration Tool, these DCOLLECT data stream names are shown in the Select data stream window, which opens when you click the Add Data Stream icon Add Data Stream iconin the Policy Profile Edit window.

Table 1 provides the following information:
Column 1
The DCOLLECT record type
Column 2
The name of the data stream to which the DCOLLECT data is written
Column 3
A brief description of the content of the DCOLLECT data stream
Table 1. Data stream names that Z Common Data Provider uses to collect DCOLLECT data
Type Data stream name Description of data stream content
D DCOLLECT_D Active Data Set Record
A DCOLLECT_A VSAM Association Information
V DCOLLECT_V Volume Information
M DCOLLECT_M Migrated Data Set Information
B DCOLLECT_B Backup Data Set Information
C DCOLLECT_C DASD Capacity Planning Information
T DCOLLECT_T Tape Capacity Planning Information
DC DCOLLECT_DC Data Class construct information
SC DCOLLECT_SC Storage Class construct information
MC DCOLLECT_MC Management Class construct information
BC DCOLLECT_BC Base Configuration Information
SG DCOLLECT_SG Storage Group construct Information
VL DCOLLECT_VL Storage Group volume Information
AG DCOLLECT_AG Aggregate Group information
DR DCOLLECT_DR OAM Drive Record information
LB DCOLLECT_LB OAM Library Record Information
CN DCOLLECT_CN Cache Names from the Base Configuration information
AI DCOLLECT_AI Accounting Information from the ACS routines