In Z Common Data Provider System Data Engine language statements, an expression that specifies a value of true or false is called a condition.

The following syntax shows the general form of expression that you can use wherever the syntax specifies a condition. The diagram does not reflect all the rules that you must follow when you use operators.
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram,NOTexpressioncompare_operator expression( condition)ANDOR
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram=<><><=>=
expression compare_operator expression
Is a comparison between expressions. The result is a value of true or false. If one of the compared values is null, the result is unknown.
compare operator
Includes equal (=), not equal (<>), greater than (>), less than (<), greater than or equal (>=), and less than or equal (<=). For more information, see Comparisons.
AND and OR
Specifies the logical relationship between two expressions.
You can combine the conditions by using operators and parenthesis. See the following example:
(SMF30XXX <> 3 AND SMF30YYY = 'A 2') OR SMF30ZZZ < 2.2E-1