HBOG022E The z/OS Log Forwarder cannot receive log data from the NetView PPI receiver that is named PPI_receiver_name. The return code value is return_code.


The z/OS NetView Message gatherer uses the NetView program-to-program interface (PPI) to receive log data from a script that is running in the NetView for z/OS program. The z/OS Log Forwarder cannot receive log data for the specified PPI receiver name. The z/OS Log Forwarder waits 30 seconds before it tries to receive data again.


Review the z/OS Log Forwarder job log to determine the cause of, and correct, the problem. For more information about the return codes generated by the program-to-program interface (PPI), see the Program-to-Program Interface Return Codes in

If the problem persists, contact IBM Software Support.