HBO2122W No dictionary data was found for the CICS region region


When the CICS record procedure HBO2CCMF processed a CMF record from the CICS region, there was no matching dictionary block for the CICS region. The CICS CMF records from this CICS region is discarded until a dictionary record is received.

Processing continues.


Take one of the following actions.
  • Apply the latest Z Common Data Provider maintenance PTFs that support higher CICS versions.
  • Restart the CICS region. A new dictionary record is written at the initialization of CICS.
  • Issue the CEMT SET MONITOR OFF and CEMT SET MONITOR ON commands successively to restart the CICS performance monitoring. A new dictionary record is written.
  • Use the DFHMNDUP utility to generate a dictionary record for the CICS system, and set a HBOIDICT DD statement in the System Data Engine started task or batch job JCL to specify the output data set from the DFHMNDUP utility.