HBO0350I Overflow occurred in column column of table.


An overflow occurs during the execution of a COLLECT or LIST RECORD statement when the result of an accumulation function is too large to be stored in a column.

The value of the specified column is computed by a COLLECT or LIST RECORD statement, and the value is specified by using an accumulation function with a numeric result. The overflow occurred because this result exceeded the capacity of the specified column. In a LIST RECORD statement, the column is a part of the output list, and its capacity is determined by the type of expression that defines it.

The System Data Engine stops processing the current statement and continues with the next.


Determine whether the overflow was caused by an incorrectly defined argument of the accumulation function. Review the source record or row to determine whether the overflow was caused by invalid data. If the statement is LIST RECORD, consider modifying the argument of the accumulation function by changing the type of the result from integer to floating point (if it is not already floating point).