WebSphere SYSOUT data

WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS® SYSOUT data is from the SYSOUT job log.

Data stream definition for SYSOUT data

Table 1 indicates the configuration values to use in defining this data stream in the Z Common Data Provider Configuration Tool.

Table 1. Data stream definition for SYSOUT data
Type of node in the policy Required configuration value
Data Stream WebSphere SYSOUT
To select this data stream in the Configuration Tool: In the Select data stream window, click IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics > Web Servers > WebSphere Application Server, and select the WebSphere SYSOUT check box.
Filter Transform Not required
Subscriber See Subscriber configuration.
Important: When you use the Generic Kafka subscriber protocol, you must select the CSV format. Key-Value format is not supported for this data stream definition.